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Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines: Leading Beyond Limits

In 1967, a group of Chief Nurses/Directors of Nursing Service of the government/private hospitals and community health organization in Metro Manila get together and re-founded the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP). The birth of the Association has not given rise to the growth of the expected proportions as the leaders had left one by one for abroad.

The ANSAP envisions a cohesive and proactive professional association committed to excellence in nursing. The organization is committed to advocate models in leadership skills to transform nursing leaders to become working enzymes; respond elegantly (with precision, neatness and simplicity) to change and development in nursing leadership; ensure the sustainability and viability of the association.

The organization’s Vision Mission-Strategies are regularly activated by the organization’s offices, past and present board of directors with Dr. Perla P. Sanchez, its founding president, and the Advisers, led by the present officers and its incumbent president, Dr. Maria Linda G. Buhat.

Mrs. Felicula C. Casteneda, chief nurse of the National Mental Hospital (now the National Center for Mental Health) was member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA). She was the Chairman of the Department of Nursing Service. Perla B. Sanchez, a Nursing Director of a private Children’s Hospital, was an active member of PNA. The PNA Department of Nursing Service in its organizational meeting elected her as chair of the program committee.

The committee organized a three day workshop with the theme “Improved Nursing Services through Proper Utilization of Personnel” that was held at the St. Luke’s Hospital on April 25-27, 1973. The participants represented the spectrum of government and private hospitals all over the government and private hospitals all over the country.

ANSAP has come a long way since then. One of its major legacies to the nursing to profession and to the Nursing Service is its IV Training program.