Authors: Arlene C. Parcasio, RN; Jerico P. Catoc, RN; Nenita A. Lansangang, RN; Imelda S. Perez, RN; Maria Elfa E. Carpeso, RN; John Lawrence S. Demdam, RN; Sabrina V. Ilagan, RN; Marites F. Macatulad, RN

Advisers: Louise Marie D. Flores, RN, MAN, DPA and Carmela S. Obayan, RN

 (Rizal Medical Center)



The role of nurse managers is currently seen as one of the hardest, most complex roles in the health care setting. The requirements and demands of their job are challenging. These leaders are responsible for translating strategic goals and objectives into practice. Hence, the most significant investment an organization can make in the delivery of safe and quality patient care is the development of current and future nurse leaders (Tornabeni & Miller, 2008). This is because they could greatly influence the success of the organization as they lead and manage most especially at the unit level.



To determine the level of competency of selected Nurse Managers at Rizal Medical Center.



This study determined the level of competency of selected nurse managers in Rizal Medical Center. Convenient sampling was used to select 100 nursing personnel as respondents. Fifteen unit managers from different clinical and specialty areas were evaluated. A survey questionnaire created by the researchers was used to gather data. It was subjected to expert’s opinion and pilot study (reliability coefficient: 0.98). Six parameters were looked at which include the technical skills, human relation skills, communication skills, decision making skills, education and research-engagement skills and resource management skills. Data were analyzed using SPSS. Weighted mean was computed to determine level of competency while Spearman rho was used to know if there is a significant correlation between the nurse manager’s profile and the level of competency.



The overall competency was interpreted as Satisfactory with a mean of 4.45. Among the parameters technical skills got the highest weighted mean (4.54, Very Satisfactory), however, decision making skills and education and research-engagement skills got the lowest weighted mean which accounts to 4.37 and 4.39, respectively. There is no significant correlation between the nurse manager’s profile (years of experience as staff nurse, number of areas handled, years in management position and highest degree earned) and the level of competency. It was recommended that nurse managers engage themselves in leadership and management seminars provided by ANSAP and other accredited institution to hasten decision-making skills. It was also encouraged that the nursing division provide trainings and seminars on health care financial management and research writing.