With today`s demands of Health Care Facilities to achieve excellent quality care for patients and clienteles safety, accreditation has become a buzz word. Together with the organizations uplifting their services, certification of Health Care Worker has also been demanded

The DOH started the Nurse Cenification Program to ensure excellent performance of nurses in a particular area of specialty. ANSAP, taking the lead role of nursing service excellence has taken the initiative to develop a program aligned with the DOH - NCP, but focused on leadership and management. This has since become the main objective of ANSAP’s Breakthrough 1 under the Philippine Governance System.
The NMCP encompasses three (3) Competency Areas -technical skills, critical thinking skills and Interpersonal skills, under the elements of the management processes of planning, organizing directing and controlling, including research. All of these competencies must be observed in a nurse manager across any health care setting.

There are three (3) categories identified in this program.

Level 3 - Head Nurse/ Charge Nurse

Level 4 -  Supervisors / Department Managers

Level 5 -  Assistant Chief Nurses/ Chief Nursing Officers